OWOX Success Story: How to Sell Tickets Four Days Before an Offline Conference

Service: PPC.

Niche: Marketing analytics.

Results: We sold 50 tickets to an offline event with less than a week of advertising campaigns.

The Client

OWOX is a Ukrainian company that mainly sells the marketing analytics service OWOX BI. Using this service, companies can automatically receive marketing reports based on raw data, set up end-to-end analytics, evaluate the effectiveness of each marketing channel, and make informed business decisions based on the data.

The Challenge

Netpeak's goal was to help OWOX sell 30 or more tickets to the Analyze! conference in April 2019.

This task was the result of an oversight: the team in charge of pre-advertising did not sell out the tickets, and OWOX ran the risk of losing profit from the event.

We got involved at the last minute — just four days before the conference started!

The Solution

It takes at least a week to launch ad campaigns in Google Ads. As we didn't have this amount of time, we decided to advertise only on Facebook. OWOX already had pre-made Facebook banners with information about conference speakers:


First, we ensured that Pixel Facebook events and goals were correctly set up in analytics. Although we were short on time, this is a fundamental step for accurate tracking and optimization of Facebook ads.

Next, we worked out the structure of the advertising account. We also chose the tools for promotion:

  • a campaign focused on attracting traffic;
  • a campaign optimized for conversions (in this case, registrations);
  • a remarketing campaign.

The daily budgets were set to a minimum. We understood that the traffic campaign would not yield high conversion during registration, but we needed this campaign to bring potential customers to the site. Most importantly, it is one of the primary sources for remarketing audiences.

The Results

Here is what we achieved after four days of ad campaigns:

owox results

In less than a week of running the advertising campaign, we had managed to sell 51 tickets to the conference.


Ольга Легинькова Head OWOX Events

Olga Leginkova, Head of Events at OWOX:

Thanks to the guys at Netpeak for helping us make a media plan and running a paid conference promotion through different channels. This project was fantastic and they worked efficiently. They were always in touch, tested various options, and chose the best ones. Our joint work increased the number of leads to the website and, consequently, led to a higher number of visitors at the conference.

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