Pizza House Success Story: ROMI up to 709.9%, Rise in Organic Traffic by 477%

Service: SEO.
Niche: Food delivery.

Results: Revenue from free traffic increased by 1421% and free traffic rose by 477%.

The Client

The Pizza House company has been in the pizza delivery market since 2008. Before contacting us, the Pizza House website lacked e-commerce settings and there were duplicate pages without any semantic load. In addition, the site was being penalized by Google for low-quality links.

The Challenge

We formed simple and precise goals of promotion:

  1. Increase search traffic.
  2. Raise the number of sales.
  3. Achieve a leading position in the pizza delivery market in Kiev.

Here is what we did to reach our goals:

  1. Separated backlinks from bad quality links.
  2. Optimized the technical part of the site.
  3. Extended the structure and filled pages with content.
  4. Increased transaction rates.

The Solution

  1. A technical audit of the site was conducted. Then, such audits were carried out every six months to maintain the site in good technical form. The audits helped to identify non-obvious errors.
  2. E-commerce tracking was set up in Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager. We created tracking for the goals and actions of visitors on the site.
  3. As Pizzahouse operates in Kiev and Harkov, we decided to create a separate version for Harkov and optimize the main site for Kiev.
  4. After analyzing search phrases, three main language groups of queries were identified (Russian, Ukrainian, English) and separate language versions of the site were created for them. As a result, we received additional transactions.
  5. Unique content was added on category pages.
  6. Due to constant improvements in functionality on the site, errors and conflicts in script functioning may occur. We regularly monitored for errors on the site, and quickly identified and solved any issues.
  7. Meta tag experiments were conducted. As a result, we increased clickability of links in Google.
  8. Disqus commenting system was implemented to enable users to easily leave comments. Currently, the module works as a question-answer block.
  9. Correct server responses and page caching was established so that search robots can fully crawl the site content.
  10. Work was done to increase the average bill by launching pop-ups on the shopping cart page with daily promotions.
  11. Together with the client, we created theme campaigns on social media.
  12. Pizza House team launched a new site on 11th August 2006. Prior to the launch, we conducted a detailed technical audit of the site, and checked the semantic core and structure.

The Results

  1. In the two months after moving to the new site, organic traffic increased by 20.74%.
  2. Transaction rate increased by 15.17%.
  3. Bounce rate decreased by 47.31%  due to the adapted version of the site. We also improved the performance of other metrics such as pages/session, number of pages viewed and duration of the session. 
  4. During the entire work period, free traffic rose by 477%.
  5. Revenue from free traffic increased by 1421%.
  6. Behavioral factors showed improvement due to a more convenient interface, primarily for mobile devices.


Victoria Ignatyeva, Team Lead at Netpeak:

We are friends with the client, most of our internal holidays are held with pizza from Pizza House. At the same time, everyone in the Kiev office is trained to buy correctly at Pizza House - only through Google search.

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