Planeta Kino Success Story: Increased Organic Traffic by 636% in a Year

Service: SEO.
Niche: Entertainment.

Results: Organic traffic increased by 636% in a year and ROMI reached 126.13%.

The Client

Planeta Kino is one of the most high-tech cinema chains in Ukraine.

Every year, more than half of tickets are sold online. The global goal of the company is to reach 100% online sales and our specialists are helping to realize this goal.

Cinema halls are located in Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Kharkov and Sumy. The company is a pioneer among cinemas and entertainment venues in the country. Their achievements include:

  • an established loyalty bonus program;
  • sale of online tickets without the need for printed tickets — ticket barcodes are scanned from smartphones at the entrance of the hall;
  • launched notifications about the start of movie release and ticket sales;
  • first among cinemas in Eastern Europe to create a mobile application;
  • provided viewers with the opportunity to purchase customized 3D glasses;
  • opened cinema markets with popcorn, drinks, souvenirs and other goods relevant for cinephiles.

The Challenge

The team at Planeta Kino cinema chain contacted the agency with the following targets:

  1. Increase brand awareness.
  2. Increase the flow of non-brand traffic.
  3. Boost search traffic to the site.

The Solution

To achieve these goals, our specialists prepared a forecast of traffic increase and search promotion strategy. Here is what we did:

  1. Pages with movie trailers were optimized. We implemented dynamic titles and descriptions for movies and implemented linking to the pages of archived films to transfer weight to new films.
  2. External links were increased. Before movies were released, we increased links to popular movies and poster pages in order to boost rank for important queries.
  3. The usability of the site was increased. We prepared recommendations on how to improve user interaction with the website and set up A/B tests to identify effective solutions for advertising campaigns.
  4. The scope of search queries was increased. We created a Russian version of the website and set up multilingualism. We also optimized the poster and schedule pages to increase the reach of search queries.
  5. An analytical tool was created to quickly and conveniently analyze changes in indicators that were important for SEO over the past three years.
  6. The website was transferred to Single Page Application.

The Results

During the year of cooperation, we were able to:

  1. Increase proportion of non-brand traffic from 12% to 57%.
  2. Increase non-brand traffic by 636% in a year.
  3. Reach ROMI of 126.13%.
  4. Increase the total number of users by 45.92%.


Tolik Kozlovsky, Head of Digital Marketing at Planeta Kino:

Choosing a contractor was both difficult and easy. If you google it, then any query related to SEO or display advertisement will show up Netpeak. We thought if the team was able to do this for themselves, they could help us as well. During the cooperation, we not only did not regret about our choice, but also began to work on display advertisement as well.

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