Case Study: PPC for Kazakhstan Educational Courses

Service: PPC.

Niche: Educational courses.

Region: Kazakhstan.

Results: In 1.5 months, we gathered a group of 35 participants, of which 12 came through the CPC channel.

The Client

In January 2015, a client approached our agency to promote educational courses in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Before contacting us, the client had worked with another contractor. However, due to very few sales (1-2 course sales in 1.5 months), the client decided to look for another digital advertising partner.

The Challenge

Our client set a goal of attracting at least 30 students to their course.

The Solution

We used several contextual advertising systems and launched the following campaigns in each of them.

  1. Search advertisement. In a separate campaign, we selected some words closely related to the website's main subject (skills development, personal growth training, self-improvement courses) with lower rates, excluded irrelevant queries, and added high conversion requests.
  2. Contextual media campaign. Our team created ad groups targeting the following factors in a similar audience to the users who visited the site:
  • keywords
  • themes
  • interests
  • handpicked platforms
  1. Remarketing. We created an audience of users who visited the site, excluding those who had completed the offered forms. We also created ads with special offers for this audience.
  2. Video campaign (Google Ads only). We decided to use ads featuring video testimonials from course students. Ultimately, this produced good results. The video campaign ranked second by student submissions at a cost per view of $0.02 on average.

The Results

In 1.5 months, we managed to build a group of 35 students, of which 12 came through the CPC channel. Eventually, paid traffic generated 192 course applications.

The cost per application (CPO) was $12.4.

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