7 Reasons Why Your Online Sales May Be Dropping

A checklist for entrepreneurs who have seemingly set everything but are still concerned about customer flow.

Benefits of this checklist

  • Awareness
    You will learn all about the growth points of your website, advertising campaigns, and specific business KPIs.
  • Confidence
    No more making guesses about how many clients you can get. You will clearly understand the resources and capabilities of your business.
  • Control
    Not only you will know how to correct existing mistakes, you will also understand how to avoid them in the future with an established strategic direction.

Who is this checklist meant for?

You will stop making hasty decisions when sales decline and learn to manage your team better.
Marketing specialists
You will not miss anything when launching advertising campaigns, and you'll learn how to track their effectiveness correctly.
Sales department managers
You will increase sales volume, learn to analyze the reasons for sales decline, and qualitatively influence the situation.

Checklist overview

Recognizing "bottlenecks" and learning to avoid them.
  • 1
    Business factors
    What influences the popularity of products and how to determine these factors for your business.
  • 2
    How to assess a call center's performance quality and what to pay attention to.
  • 3
    How to stay competitive, not only through price but also through advertising.
  • 4
    Website performance
    How to make sure the site is working correctly, and what to look for in the site and cart settings.
  • 5
    Ad campaigns
    How to identify and avoid simple mistakes that can "drain" the entire campaign.
  • 6
    How to reveal issues in analytics performance and fix them.
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