The Checklist on How to Choose an Internet Marketing Contractor

The tendering process is lengthy and vital. Needless to say, failure is not an option. While not everyone is good at it, with the help of this checklist, you can succeed in picking the best contractor for your needs.
Here is the number one rule of bidding:
Find a reliable Internet marketing partner and save your team's time, money, and mental health.
Who can benefit from this checklist?
Business owners and CEOs
You will understand the tendering process management, which will help you find the perfect contractor.
Marketing executives
You will be able to make the right choice during the tender and explain it to the business owners based on facts.
Those participating in tenders
You will learn what information to prepare, how to present it, and what data to request from the organizer.

Results after use

  • Focus
    You know the exact results you anticipate the contractors to yield, and you understand the possible ways of achieving them.
  • Openness
    You are ready to listen to the participants' proposals, understand their profitability, and not limit yourself.
  • Confidence
    Following the tender, you are sure that you have chosen the "best" contractor to be entrusted with the promotion of your business.
Tendering is complicated, but we've broken down each phase in a straightforward manner and packed the essence of an effective tender into 15 pages.
  • 1
    You have to describe the goal and select participants for a briefing. Then, you form a decision-making committee, but what comes next? What should you do after the briefing?
  • 2
    What data do you provide participants with? Consider the format for it. How do you protect your information?
  • 3
    How do you determine the budget for promotion and decide on the best course of action in case of miscalculation? Importantly, how do you assess the profitability of participants' offers?
  • 4
    How to deal with all participants and each person individually? How to identify an unsuitable proposal and correctly rectify the situation?
  • 5
    Who should select the winner? What should the choice be based on? What to do if nothing is clear?
  • 6
    Bonus: A Job Template
    A template of an adequately drafted tender assignment that minimizes misunderstandings between you and the bidders.
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