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Artbooks success story: increased conversion rate to 3.53% by email newsletters

Service: email marketing.

Niche: books.

Result: conversion rate from bulk emails — 3.53%, conversion rate from welcoming letters — 5.63%.

The Client

Artbooks specialize in contemporary books for kids, including fiction and non-fiction genres, and books about Lego, Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft games.

The Challenge

  1. Starting a channel from scratch.
  2. Gathering the base.
  3. Starting basic trigger newsletters.
  4. Sending bulk emails to the current base.

The Solution

  1. We enabled user data collected from the registration form on the site and the submitted orders.
  2. We set up domain verification to prevent newsletters from being marked as spam.
  3. Warmed up the email domain and configured the consistent bulk emails launch.
  4. Triggers recognize users who had left items in the cart and abandoned the site and the welcoming letters after registration.

The Result

  1. Approximately 1,000 new contacts come from the registration form on the site, following order placement — almost 3,000 new clients are obtained per month. As a result, the database is replenished with active addresses of loyal customers. Having introduced the subscription form with a bonus, we expect further growth of the base.
  2. After registration on the site, the welcoming message introduces the publisher to readers. The response to the letters is good: Open Rate 22% to 32%, Click Rate 2.2% to 3.5%. Trigger messages are aimed primarily at increasing brand loyalty and recognition. They bring little income, but the conversion rate is relatively high — 5.63%:

conversion rate is relatively high — 5.63%

  1. Open Rate for trigger emails to users who have left a product in the cart and quit the site — 60%. Click Rate — 10%.
  2. Bulk emails make a steady monthly income. The transaction rate is 3.53%:

The transaction rate is 3.53%

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