Fatline.com.ua Success Story: How to Increase Income From Email Campaign With Content Plan Diversity

Service: Email marketing.

Niche: Prints on apparel and accessories.

Results: We increased email channel income by implementing communication maps and preparing trigger email sequences for the launch.

The Client

FatLine is the first Ukrainian online store that specializes in individual prints on clothing and accessories. The site offers thousands of original images to embellish T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and hats. FatLine makes it easy to personalize cars, mugs, flasks, and much more. Customers can decorate backpacks, bags, pillows, and mouse pads, among others. The catalog features more than 60 types of templates and over 15,000 ready-to-use prints. Items are always in stock, and different colors and sizes are available online.

The Challenge

When the client turned to us, they already had an email channel up and running: there were subscription forms, primary triggers, and bulk emails, but they weren't earning much from the email channel.

Therefore, our task was to develop the channel and increase income from the channel.


  1. Increase income from the email channel.
  2. Increase brand loyalty and recognition.
  3. Bring the existing sales channel to a new level.
  4. Expand the current trigger map.

The Solution

  1. We designed a new form and added a motivation bonus.
  2. Next, we developed a new master letter template.
  3. We then diversified the content plan for the email campaign by adding gamification, exclusive deals, and a blog newsletter.
  4. Finally, we updated the design of triggers and launched the expansion of the trigger list.

The Results

  1. We managed to launch new triggers, including a new welcome series.
  2. We also successfully expanded the subscriber base by updating the subscription form.

We implemented the form in the fourth quarter of 2019

  1. Thanks to new triggers, various email lists, and new forms, the email channel is now generating increased income.

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