Kulibin.com.ua Success Story: Monthly Subscription Growth by 100%

Service: Email marketing.

Niche: Garden appliances, home repair tools.

Results: After implementing an interactive "Wheel of Fortune" subscription form, revenue increased by 51% and transaction rate went up by 71%.

The Client

Kulibin is an online store selling garden equipment and home repair tools. Kulibin is a certified partner of several internationally recognized professional household tools and equipment manufacturers. The range of products in the online store includes Black&Decker, BOSCH, DeWalt, Makita, Husqvarna, and other well known brands. 

The Challenge

After working together for a year, email marketing profits started to drop. Therefore, the Netpeak team was faced with the following challenges:

  1. Gather new active subscribers.
  2. Increase revenue from email marketing as an advertising channel.

The Solution

To achieve our goals, we decided to update the subscription forms on the site. Since the form with a monetary perk — a discount on the first order — was no longer producing excellent results, we decided to test whether playing fun games would be an effective strategy to attract subscribers. 

Here is what we did:

  1. We thought through the concept, including options for gifts, number of letters, and design.
  2. We then designed the subscription form. 
  3. Next, we created an account in PopMechanic, and set up integration with eSputnik. 
  4. We prepared "Confirmation of subscription" and "Thank you for subscribing" trigger emails.
  5. Finally, we set up scripts in eSputnik.

The Results

Within a month, the interactive "Wheel of Fortune" subscription form produced favorable results. Overall, we achieved the following.

  1. The total number of subscriptions doubled.
  2. Revenue from email marketing channels increased by 51%.
  3. Transaction rate increased by 71%.

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