Success Story: Email Marketing from Scratch to Get a Return on Investment in a Month

Service: Email marketing.
Niche: Electronics.

Results: ROMI of 24.5% in the first month and revenue growth by 6 times in three months.

The Client is one of the leading retail chains of household appliances and electronics in Kazakhstan. It has a wide range of products with 10,000 to 20,000 items in each store. sells only certified products of global brands.

The Challenge

  1. To create an email marketing campaign from scratch.
  2. To obtain a rapid return on investment.
  3. To scale the channel.
  4. To establish an additional communication channel with the client.
  5. To design an additional tool to increase sales.

The Solution

  1. We divided the email list into several parts and warmed up the domain, sending the emails at a low speed (500 messages/hour). We also ensured that everything was working well with the Postmaster statistics.
  2. To warm up the domain, we sent promotional emails about top-selling products on the website. The email contained multipurpose products to pique the interest of subscribers.
  3. After that, we created emails with top-selling items. On the warmed-up domain, we made a selection of the best and most affordable smartphones, which were also in great demand at the stage when the email list was not segmented enough.
  4. We also sent emails about bigger cashback. Night discounts worked perfectly; we created a closed promotion in which the discount offer was only valid at night and customers had to be prepared in advance. The conversion rate of such emails is high because users like to take part in a game-like experience while making a purchase.
  5. The emails that we created and sent were perfectly designed and contained the information that we wanted to convey to our customers. The work produced excellent results in terms of open and click-through rates, and allowed us to increase the number of email campaigns.

The Results

The email marketing campaign generated the following results:

  1. August 2021 was the domain warm-up and the first month of the email campaign. ROMI of +24.5% was produced.
  2. September 2021 showed revenue growth of 1.5 times and ROMI growth of 90%.
  3. October 2021 displayed revenue growth of 6 times and ROMI growth of 500%.

Once again, we are convinced that email list monetization for an e-commerce project can produce incredible results with a huge return on investment. And most importantly — it has potential for constant improvement.

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