Case Study in USA: Organic Traffic Growth After Two Months of Cooperation on Alternative Medical Treatment

Service: SEO.

Niche: Alternative Medicine.

Region: USA.

The Client

Alveda is a platform providing online consultations with Ayurveda doctors.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical practice (the so-called alternative medical treatment), considered an additional Veda of Atharvaveda and based on the Hindu philosophical system of Sankhya.

Alveda is a young project that allows English-speaking patients in the United States to connect directly with the best Ayurveda specialists worldwide on one platform in just a few clicks. Clients can get an online consultation at any convenient time for many ailments, while Alveda offers several plans for individuals and entire families. The company has also developed a system of convenient bundles focused on specific diseases.

The Challenge

Our goal was to increase search traffic and, therefore, patient subscriptions and doctor appointments.

Before cooperating with us, the client had tried paid advertising but received repeated bans from Google due to the specific subject matter.

The complexity of the promotion was the fact that this is a niche of medicine, the non-traditional one. It requires a particular approach, considering the YMYL theme and E-A-T factors. We are talking about the heightened requirements of Google to the sites that may affect users' health or finances.

In addition, Alveda is new to the market for alternative online health services. There are several competitors with online platforms and offices.

The Goals.

  • Increase in organic traffic;
  • Increase in audience coverage through greater page visibility.

The Solution

In the beginning, we analyzed the niche and the main competitors, and the project's theme:

  • What are Ayurveda's basic principles;
  • Why people choose Ayurveda, who is the target audience;
  • What are the leading online clinics, and how do they differ from conventional clinics;
  • What are treatment methods, practices, and main areas of Ayurveda;
  • What does the service delivery process look like? We got consulted by Ayurveda doctors on the Alveda platform according to the "mystery shopper" principle so that doctors believed we were real patients.

We organized the work by pivoting on three main factors:

  1. The specifics of the topic (non-traditional medicine).
  2. Website SEO.
  3. Optimization of the site concerning YMYL-niche promotion and the relevant requirements for medical sites.

As a result, we have prepared the following:

  1. The main points of technical optimization of the site.
  2. The new enhanced website structure. It takes into account critical user search queries in the areas:
  • transactional – new landing pages were created;
  • informational – adding traffic-generating pages such as blogs and webinars.

In addition, we considered the Google search requirements for medical sites and the fundamental customer requests to add the necessary tools to the site.

  1. The Technical Task for page design is crucial for YMYL-topics and E-A-T-factors.
  2. Recommendations to optimize the page of Dr. Korde – Doctor of Ayurveda, and the project's ambassador.
  3. Website Usability Audit.
  4. Guidelines for Blog and Webinars.
  5. Terms of Reference for code optimization and site speed, including Core Web Vitals algorithms.
  6. General guidelines for writing articles for the blog and product pages.
  7. Content plan for ten articles on the blog:
  • identifying topics for the articles;
  • building the semantic core;
  • meta-tags development;
  • making the thesis plan;
  • picking the relevant tags;
  • implementation of internal links in the texts of articles.
  1. Technical requirements for content optimization on the main pages of the site:
  • optimization of title tags and page description meta tags;
  • preparing the task for writing texts.
  1. link building was carried out using several different strategies:
  • posting links on forums and in comments – crowd-marketing;
  • outreach links in reviews, placed on thematic sites.

Thus, we paid particular attention to the YMYL direction, considering the topic's strict moderation by the search engine and its irregularity.

The Result

Now the site is at the stage of deploying technical audits, expanding the structure (the design team is connected), and implementing the other recommendations.

Home page of the site before the implementation of recommendations and optimization of the menu:

After implementing the first recommendations (done while preparing this case study):

Already in the initial 2.5 months of cooperation, it was possible to achieve the first results:

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