Case Study: SEO for Jewelry Store – 100% More Traffic From Search Engines After Moving the Site

Service: SEO.
Niche: Clothing, footwear, accessories, and jewelry.

Results: The number of transactions increased by 417.65%, revenue by 560.38%, transaction rate by 154.27%, and average order value by 27.57%.

The Client is an online jewelry store that sells both its own products as well as products from other foreign and domestic jewelry brands (UMa&UMi, Eden, Sovissimo, and others). 

When they initially contacted Netpeak, the client did not have a contractor who could build a promotion strategy. In addition, the site had changed its design and structure. Later, the client decided to create a new site, so our specialists also provided recommendations for the website transfer.

The problem was that most of the jewelry market was occupied by competitors such as Golden Age,, and Zlato.

The Challenge

  1. We had to solve a number of issues with the existing website:
  • fix critical errors;
  • optimize content including h1, title, description tags, texts;
  • set up Google Analytics to track goals, sales funnel, transactions;
  • provide quality link building.
  1. For the new website, we did the following:
  • control website development and relocation to a new website;
  • extend the site structure with landing page optimization for filters and their intersections;
  • provide content for new landing pages;
  • consult on changing the website design;
  • implement Server-Side Rendering for AJAX pages.

The Process

  1. Compiled a list of critical points for the technical SEO of the site.
  2. Set up tracking goals and events in Google Analytics.
  3. Identified seasonality for all categories.
  4. Optimized content on the existing site and created content for the new site.
  5. Provided technical requirements for filter page optimization. 
  6. Link building.
  7. Provided recommendations on moving to a new site.
  8. Created a content strategy for the blog.

The Results

  1. Increased traffic by 103.58%.
  2. Increased the number of transactions by 417.65%, revenue by 560.38%, transaction ratio by 154.27%, and average order value by 27.57%.
  3. The client ranked fourth in terms of visibility in Serpstat in Google Ukraine among the main competitors.


Anna Samus, Middle Project Manager:

The results were achieved through the client's activity and the responsible approach of the SEO specialist. The growth potential of the project is much higher than the achieved result.

Arthur Lyubich, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Manager at Ukrzoloto:

The effective SEO was partly offset by other tasks: changing the engine and design of the website. However, given the technical difficulties, the results are good. We are going to keep on improving it.

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