Unisender.com Success Story: Analyzing Blog Profitability and Optimizing the Website Loading Speed

Service: SEO, web-analytics.
Niche: SaaS services, email marketing platforms.

Results: Through web analytics, we detected that investments in the blog were paying off. Essentially, we had improved the website and blog loading speed by more than 100%.

The Client

Unisender is a large SaaS company, specializing in email marketing for business representatives worldwide. We are more than glad to share our experience on this project since the promotion of large SaaS projects is our specialty.

The Challenge

  1. Optimizing existing web pages. 
  2. Making room for resource growth.
  3. Correcting analytics and increasing Unisender blog effectiveness.

The last point should be highlighted in detail. Overall, we did have various ideas on blog promotion. We regularly discussed them during Skype calls and mentioned them in tasks. Now, we wanted to evaluate, how much money was being earned through the blog at the moment? Do the customers purchasing the service read the blog?

The Solution

  1. First, we created a new main page. We regularly generated new ideas to improve the website. One of them was to improve the blog with feedback and integration. As a result, an alternative landing page was created. Next, we conducted A/B testing. The new main page showed better results with a record break; it was 79.44% more effective. Thus, Unisender had obtained a new main page.
  2. Then, we optimized the website loading speed.
  • The server was improved (the website loading speed increased by 50%).
  • A cookie free domain was created and set up.
  • The entire static content from the domain was distributed via CDN CloudFare.
  • Mandatory caching of all pages was set up for 24 hours. Users could reset the whole website cache, if necessary.
  1. We also added an XML map index. If you have a massive website which consists of many large categories or page types and if it is multilingual, the sitemap index page will help to track website indexing.
  2. We decided to find out how many customers visited the blog at least once before proceeding to payment and what is the revenue generated from these customers. In a SaaS project, it is easy to measure by just creating a segment in Google Analytics.

Здесь факт оплаты — это выполнение цели

Here, the payment equals to the goal fulfillment.

The results were interesting. What if past clients who made payment visited the blog and then proceeded to second-third payment?

We added a new segment to identify the new users:

Для определения только новых пользователей мы создали отдельный сегмент

We applied these segments where there was income from targeted goal:

Мы применили эти сегменты там, где есть доход по нужной нам цели, а также распределение между каналами трафика, которым была присвоена оплата

The Results

  1. The average user session went up to 15 to 20 minutes. That meant that users were actually reading the blog.
  2. It was revealed that the Unisender customers really read the blog. This not only helped for customer retention, but also brought in new ones.
  3. The website loading speed was increased by more than 100%.
  4. We calculated the investment in the blog — it turned out that investment paid off. Besides, we found a contractor for a new blog design and prepared a detailed technical task for him.

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