Success Story: Email Newsletter on a New Platform with ROMI at 440%

Service: Email marketing.

Niche: Office supplies, stationery.

Results: Within a month, we managed to have the email newsletters sent from a new platform, having sustained revenues and achieved a ROMI of 440%.

The Client is an internet store selling office supplies. Since 2011, the company has been providing services across Kazakhstan for various clients, from individual entrepreneurs to well-known representatives of large businesses.

When the company came to us, its email marketing was already functioning well. However, the team understood that their sales had potential to be increased and there was room for growth. Therefore, they asked us to audit their email marketing channel and find ways to boost its growth.

The Challenge

  1. To take a channel that was already working well to attract clients and bring it to a new level.
  2. To boost sales through email newsletters.
  3. To extend the map of trigger emails.
  4. To reduce the channel's monthly expenses.
  5. After the channel was audited, a decision was made to switch to a new platform for email newsletters for the sake of cost optimization and to enhance the capacities of email marketing.

The Solution

We started with creating a new account by:

  • transferring the database of contacts onto a new platform;
  • setting up verification of the domain;
  • setting up the transfer of events for new registrations on the website and placed orders;
  • selecting a plan that included the option of email newsletters.

Afterwards, we implemented the following steps.

  • First, we developed a new email template. Its previous design had not been updated for quite some time and had become obsolete.

The outdated template:

The new template (several samples):

  • We then revamped the design of the subscription form.
  • Next, we redesigned and prepared the layout for 4 trigger emails, and launched these emails. Therefore, we did not miss out on revenue during the first month after the company switched to a different emailing platform.
  • We also drew a map of trigger emails.
  • We compiled terms of reference to enable advanced segmentation.

The Netpeak team spent a month working on these tasks. In the second month, we helped our client to make the switch to a new email platform.

The Results

  1. Thanks to the timely implementation of the terms of reference by the developers, we managed to launch trigger email newsletters in the first month of work. We could also sustain revenues within the first month after the change of platform:

  1. With mass mailing, the revenues dropped by a mere 5%. However, the number of emails sent decreased in February:

  1. In the first month, ROMI peaked at 440% on the new platform.

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