Case Study: Email Marketing For Office Supplies Store – How CDP Integration Can Bring Up to 50% of All Revenue From Triggers

Service: Email marketing.

Niche: Office supplies, stationery.

Results: Advanced segmentation triggers generated 15% to 50% of total trigger revenue every month.

The Client

Office-Expert is an online store that provides offices all over Kazakhstan with the necessary office supplies. Operating since 2011, its clients include both small private entrepreneurs and representatives of large businesses.

While working with us, the company switched to a new emailing service and reached a ROMI of 440%.

The Challenge

The next step to developing the email channel and expanding the trigger communication map was to connect personalized triggers using the advanced segmentation functionality (Customer Data Platform or CDP) from eSputnik.

The Solution

We discussed with the client the implementation of possible triggers and created a list of the highest priority triggers. We decided to set up the following chains:

  • abandoned cart — expand to three emails;
  • abandoned browse — expand to three emails;
  • price reduction for abandoned carts;
  • price discount on abandoned browse;
  • price reduction for similar products;
  • reactivation of passive users;
  • new items in the browsed category;
  • best deals in the browsed category.

Here's what we did to make it happen:

  1. We connected web-tracking and uploaded the product feed to the eSputnik account.
  2. We then prepared templates (design, copywriting, layout) for all trigger emails.
  3. We also set up dynamic content in triggers with eSputnik.
  4. After that was done, we implemented the stage of creating, testing, and running scripts.

The Results

The effectiveness of advanced segmentation was clearly noticeable in the operation's first month.

Each month, advanced segmentation triggers contributed 15% to 50% of the total trigger revenue.

Conversion performance among email triggers is as follows:

  • 'Abandoned Cart' chain.
  • 'Abandoned Browse' chain.
  • Discounts and new products in the category.
  • Price cuts on merchandise.
  • Reactivation of passive users.


Daniyar Shaimergenov, CMO Office-Expert:

I express my gratitude to the project team for their professionalism and correctly chosen email channel promotion strategy. Indeed, the emphasis on triggers is a strategically correct goal because there is an acceptable limit for scaling promotional emails. Triggered emails allow us to expand the horizon of possible scenarios for segmenting offers for our clients. This strategy simplifies the customer experience on the one hand and increases efficiency and ROI from the channel as a whole on the other hand.

Separately, I want to thank Netpeak for their excellent management and well-built business process of interaction with the customer!

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